Rooftop Writing Prompt #40

“You’re an assassin!?” “We’ve been friends for literally two days. Why are you so shocked?” “I just thought I’d get a normal friend for once.” "What do you mean 'for once?'" What kind of friends does character #1 usually keep? 0_0 The Master of the Rooftop Enjoy this prompt? Follow for fresh inspiration every Monday, Wednesday,... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #25

"Are you honestly nervous? You've done this more times than I can count." "Which isn't many considering the level of education you reached before becoming an assassin." Ooooo, burn. What is the first character nervous about? Are they about to attack a target? Perhaps they're attempting something that has nothing to do with being an... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #23

"Where's Samuel?" "You mean the guy you sent to kill me? At the bottom of the river." "Ouch. Those cost quite a pretty penny. Please be more considerate of my money next time I send an assassin." How much does an assassin cost, exactly? Why did the first speaker send Samuel after the second? Who's... Continue Reading →

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