Rooftop Writing Prompt #34

“Our air supply will only last a few more hours. I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation.” “Hehe. You just made a space pun.” Seem's like character #2 is taking this situation seriously. 😅 Why are they running out of air? Where in space are they? Why does character #2 seem not... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #28

"Isn't the sunset pretty?" "I was more focused on the volcano that's about to erupt and kill us all, but yeah. The sun's cool." Someone's unconcerned about the end of the world. Did they set off the volcano? Why have they ceased trying to stop it? The Master of the Rooftop Enjoy this prompt? Subscribe... Continue Reading →

"We're all going to die today." "If that sort of optimism isn't what gets a man up in the morning, I don't know what does." Optimism at its finest. Why are they going to die? Why is the first character so convinced of the fact? The Master of the Rooftop Like this prompt? Follow the... Continue Reading →

"I thought we were doomed before you showed up. Now all doubt has fled." Who's appearance has sealed this character's fate? Why are they in such deep trouble? The Master of the Rooftop Like this prompt? Subscribe to the Rooftop for fresh story inspiration every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 🙂 

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