Rooftop Writing Prompt #40

“You’re an assassin!?” “We’ve been friends for literally two days. Why are you so shocked?” “I just thought I’d get a normal friend for once.” "What do you mean 'for once?'" What kind of friends does character #1 usually keep? 0_0 The Master of the Rooftop Enjoy this prompt? Follow for fresh inspiration every Monday, Wednesday,... Continue Reading →

Rooftop Writing Prompt #39

“Friends? Is that what we are now?” “I can have my secretary bring your status down to 'frienemy' if it makes you feel better.” Sounds like a professional relationship. Why is speaker #1 surprised speaker #2 thinks they are friends? Does speaker #2 really have a status for "frienemy?" The Master of the Rooftop  Enjoy this... Continue Reading →

Rooftop Writing Prompt #34

“Our air supply will only last a few more hours. I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation.” “Hehe. You just made a space pun.” Seem's like character #2 is taking this situation seriously. 😅 Why are they running out of air? Where in space are they? Why does character #2 seem not... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #32

"I won't let you die." "I don't think that's how it works." "I am Death, honey. I decide how it works." Welp. That solves the issue then. Who is this Death character talking to? Why does he or she want the other character to live? The Master of the Rooftop  Enjoy this prompt? Follow for... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #29

"Live and learn, right?"  "No, it's live and die because there's no chance to learn if you get impaled. Because you're dead." Sounds like good advice. 😛 I can imagine some grizzled mentor admonishing his naive student. What about you? What does this prompt make you picture? The Master of the Rooftop Enjoy this prompt?... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #28

"Isn't the sunset pretty?" "I was more focused on the volcano that's about to erupt and kill us all, but yeah. The sun's cool." Someone's unconcerned about the end of the world. Did they set off the volcano? Why have they ceased trying to stop it? The Master of the Rooftop Enjoy this prompt? Subscribe... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #21

"I just love how we first met. It was so romantic." "Oh yes. I too have fond memories of you throwing me off a bridge." How did these two first meet? Why did the first pitch the second off a bridge? The Master of the Rooftop Enjoy this prompt? Subscribe for new inspiration every Monday,... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #17

"You and Cameron, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N--" "I have a crossbow and a set of swords strapped to my back. Consider your next words very carefully."  What happens next? Does the first character continue her song? Does the second use her weapons? The Master of the Rooftop Enjoy this prompt? Follow for new inspiration... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #16

"You're bleeding!" "Whaaaat? I am not. The griffin barely left a scratch." "Cats leave scratches. Griffins leave gashes." "Hehe. That rhymes." "Shut up and get over here." These two sound like a bunch of dorks. What do you think? Why were they in a fight with a griffin? Why did the first speaker hide his... Continue Reading →

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