Rooftop Writing Prompt #38

"Why are you waving your sword at nothing?" "Not nothing. I'm killing spiderwebs." "With a sword?" "What do you think they're made for?" I'm with speaker two, to be honest. If I see those terrifying threads in my path, and I have a sword, those webs are going DOWN. Ahem. Your thoughts? The Master of... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #15

"Please stop rubbing my failure in my face." "What failure? Oh, you mean that time you sold world-ending alien tech to a mob boss and nearly got me killed? That failure? "You're not bitter at all." "Nope." Where did this guy find alien tech? Why did he sell it to a mob boss? The Master... Continue Reading →

"Should I ask why you have a knife in your purse?" "It's a dagger, actually. And no, you shouldn't."  What do you think she needs the dagger for? What else is she carrying in that purse? What does her friend think of her weapon? Feel free to leave your version of the rest of the... Continue Reading →

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